Andrew Turnock

Crime Solicitor

01782 308 308

Andrew is the founder and Managing Director of Turnocks Defence Solicitors Ltd having previously been a Partner at Beswicks Solicitors for 13 years. Andrew has over 20 years experience in defending people either under investigation or being prosecuted in the courts. He performs the complete range of Criminal Defence Services from advising suspects at the Police Station, through to representation at the Magistrates Court, Crown Court, and Court of Appeal.

Andrew leads the Team at Turnocks and oversees a committed and results driven group of Solicitors, Legal Executives and Representatives who share a passion for criminal defence work

Typical areas I deal with are:

  • Appeals
  • Business or commercial crime
  • Confiscation orders or seizure of assets
  • Copyright theft
  • Corporate manslaughter
  • Drug trafficking and major importation
  • E-crime
  • False accounting
  • International and organised crime
  • Large scale public order offences
  • Money laundering
  • Proceeds Of Crime Act prosecutions
  • People trafficking
  • Serious fraud, VAT, Customs & Excise, DTI investigations
  • Speeding, 172 Notices and drink-driving offences
  • Terrorism

I have recently acted for clients in relation to:

  • Seventeen England football supporters charged with violent disorder in Manchester city centre.
  • Successfully defending a drink-drive case at trial where it was argued the police had failed to observe breath test procedure correctly at the police station.
  • Representing a defendant at trial who was acquitted of affray following successful legal argument on recent case law.
  • Acting for a defendant involved in largescale counterfeiting, theft of copyright and industrial sabotage.
  • Successfully defending a courier driver acting in the course of his business in due care and attention trial at Manchester City Magistrates Court involving the death of a pedestrian.