What goes on Holiday, stays on Holiday. You think?

I represented a Client who had been invited on a long Stag weekend at some sunny resort in Spain. He and a group of males flew out from the UK on a Friday, planning on flying back the following Monday evening.

Everyone arrived safely at the resort, checked into the Hotel and soon after, drinking began in the Hotel bar. My Client wearing only shorts and a top, stood on some broken glass and sustained a nasty cut to the foot. A young lady, working in the bar, administered some first aid and whilst kneeling on the floor tending to the injury, my Client made some “cheeky” comment which he probably wouldn’t have dreamed of making had he not been drinking. A short time later, the local Police arrived and arrested my Client on suspicion of sexual assault and he was taken off to the local cells.

He remained in the cells over the weekend without speaking to a Lawyer and on the Monday morning, he was produced at the local Court where he did have the opportunity to speak to a Lawyer with the assistance of an interpreter. The offence was explained, the Client indicated that he was Not Guilty having not touched the Complainant at all. It was explained that my Client could have the matter adjourned for trial, several weeks hence, but would remain in custody until trial to ensure his attendance at Court. When asked about an alternative course of action, the Lawyer advised that on a Guilty plea, the Client would receive a short custodial sentence but, as he had never been in trouble before, the jail time could be avoided by paying a hefty fine, instead. My Client was due to fly back to the UK that evening so, it was a no brainer in his eyes and he pleaded Guilty and was released.

18 months or so, later, the Client received a Summons from Staffordshire Police requiring his attendance at the local Magistrates Court for the Court to consider making the Client the subject of notification requirements under the Sexual Offences Act. Colloquially, they wanted him on the Sex Offenders Register due to the incident abroad on the Stag weekend.

We managed to avoid the Client having to register as a Sex Offender but some things that happen far far away, can come back to bite you.

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